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While we were enjoying our week in Provence, our oldest daughter and her fiance were enjoying a break away of their own in WA. They had packed up the car & joined a couple of friends & driven up to Coral Bay, a massive 13hr drive north from Perth. This is a pretty normal thing to do for a young couple in WA, but unfortunately she is seven months pregnant and by the time they arrived her feet had swollen up “like balloons”. Perhaps the first sign that things weren’t going to be all calm.

They spent the first couple of days relaxing, snorkelling and photographing the beautiful scenery.

The long road to Coral Bay

Sunset at Coral Bay

Of course things didn’t stay calm as during their third night her waters broke and she went into labour. This, of course, started panic all over the world! For those who don’t know Coral Bay, it is a small settlement up north on the coast of WA. They were to be taken by ambulance from there to the nearest hospital at Exmouth (over an hour’s drive) but apparently there were too many kangaroos on the roads (night time in country WA, of course) and the ambulance team didn’t want to risk the drive. So the Royal Flying Doctor Service were called in. She was to be flown to the larger regional hospital at South Hedland, but when the plane arrived they decided to fly straight to Perth (about a 2.5 hr flight), where they were sent into King Edward Memorial Hospital – thankfully the specialist hospital for premature births. Apparently the plan was changing all the time while they worked out what to do!

Once in KEMH (by this time around 7.30 on Sunday morning), they slowed down the labour, gave steroid injections for baby’s lung development, scanned her thoroughly & pronounced that he was of a good weight, no other complications found and they then let the labour proceed. After two days of stress & very little sleep for them, worry & holding our breath for the rest of us, phone calls and texts flying across the globe, they were about to become parents, making us brand new grandparents in the process.

So, just before midnight on Tuesday 28th February, our beautiful grandson Logan entered the world weighing in at 2.1kg and 45cm long.

Our gorgeous grandson Logan

Baby Logan is now doing well, he’s been breathing on his own since day 1, is now gaining weight and by all reports is a very good baby who is alert, stays calm & doesn’t cry much. For a 7.5 week premature baby, he is doing everything they want him to do. Hopefully it won’t be long before he is allowed home from hospital and the new grandma will fly back to Perth to meet him.