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Once again we took to the banks of the Canal du Midi for a cycling trip. Now that we have road bikes, we had to suss out the sections of the canal that have a paved cycle path or safe quiet roads to cycle along. There is no way we could ride along the mud/gravel path that accompanies most of the canal’s length.

We drove into Bezier & parked the car before taking off on our bikes in the direction of Agde & the Mediterranean coast. We had tried driving up into the hills where there looked like a promising valley route that we could do, but two things were against that idea, first the huge grey rainclouds that were actually down at ground level as we peered up the valley, and second the number of large trucks along that route. Oh well, we’ll find another hill/valley route, but hopefully it won’t be the small SMALL road we took over the hills (small mountains) on the way out this morning… that’s when Rod really discovered the true extent of my terror of tiny winding roads on the sides of mountains.. with no verges… with no space for two cars to pass… ARRRRRGH! Let’s forget about that one for now.

After leaving Bezier city, the ride was quite pleasant so we didn’t stop for photos and before we knew it we were almost at the coast. After meandering through some very ghostal-towns (which are HUGE drawcards full of crowds in the summer) and very much appreciating the lack of traffic, we found ourselves at a beachy, coastal, camping sort of area. An abandoned theme park (Euro Park) near the coast gave us a hint of what this area is like in summer.  That and the multuple “camping” sites, which are actually full of little chalets & swimming pools with slides and horse-rides… not a tent in sight!

After turning back (and only a small detour for getting lost) we had to stop & talk to this hairy fellow. At first he didn’t want his photo taken and was acting quite shy, but it didn’t take long for him to come up close for a lovely scratch under the ears!

Back along the beautiful tree-lined canal with vineyards on our left.

And the frozen edge of the water in the canal…

The ice makes it beautifully reflective, but I hope we get to see the green of the trees before we leave the area, by all accounts its stunning.

Looking back towards the coast

The ducks had us laughing… never before have I seen ducks walking on water!!

Time to head back to the car and some warmth. It’s a beautiful landscape, even in winter.

Au revoir et a bientot, Paige xo