We visited the ancient town of Carcassonne today, founded in the 5th century. It was a last minute decision, so we didn’t get there until about 1:30pm. After the satnav insisted we go up (the wrong way) all the one-way streets in Carcassonne, we eventually found the parking area immediately adjacent to the walled Cite de Carcassonne. What a difference a season makes. We were one of only three cars in the parking lot. I’m sure in summer it would be very much a different story. As we were to find out, the town was just about as empty as the parking lot.

We were a bit hungry when we got to Carcassonne, so we decided lunch was in order. There were dozens and dozens of restaurants, but only a handful were open. We settled on Le Trouvere, the oldest restaurant in the town. We settled on the 15.90 euro formula menu. With this we got a choice of entree, main and dessert. Paige chose a traditional cassoulet which was huge and hot! Two duck confit and a huge Toulouse port saucisse smothered in haricot beans. It looked and tasted delicious. I had chicken breast with a Roquefort (blue cheese) sauce. We both had the crepes with fig jam for desert. It was a huge meal. No dinner tonight.

Le Trouvere restaurant.

Despite its name, it wasn't a bad drop.

Lunch set us back only 52 euro ($66). Not bad for 3 (large) courses each, a bottle of wine and coffee. After lunch we had a quick stroll around town. We bought a couple of souvenirs, a bit of (expensive) chocolate and headed back home. It was a bit of a rushed trip, but I’m sure we will find ourselves back in Carcassonne before we leave Languedoc.