Today we took a drive down to the coast (Mediteranean) to a seaside town called Cap d’Agde. Cap d’Agde is one of France’s favourite summer holiday destinations and is also home of the largest nudist resort in the world. Anyway we decided it was too cold to get all our gear off, so we just walked around the town for a while. While it may be one of the most popular places in summer, it would have to be one of the least popular in winter. Not a soul to be seen. Dozens and dozens of restaurants all closed, with only the odd one open, but closing as we arrived. We must learn not to visit French towns between 12 and 2pm. They are all shut!

We eventually came across an area that had a little bit of life in it and a couple of restaurants were open. We decided a late long lunch was in order. We liked the look of a restuarant called “Harlequin”. We walked in and said “avez-vous une table pour deux?’ . The waiter pointed to the tables and said something  to the effect of “take your pick”. La Paella Royale pour deux seemed to be the pick of the day, so we settled on that and a bottle of chardonnay. There was a steady stream of people coming and going. A older couple walked in with their doormat (tiny little dog). The dog jumped up on the chair next to the woman. Mummy got out a tissue and proceeded to wipe the dog’s nose and mouth and then WIPE ITS ARSE!!! Not just a little wipe but a generous rub and scrub. Mummy then had  a look at the contents of the tissue and then started to wipe the feet of the little darling!! Puke!

Bon appétit!

Besides all that, our paella was very nice, as well as the wine. We managed to order everything in French and we are actually starting to understand some of the french spoken to us, although the french spoken in the south of France is very different to the French we were taught in class.

After lunch we had a quick trip down to the beach to dip our fingers in the Mediterranean for the first time. Surprisingly the sand was very fine, not unlike Perth beaches, but a definite shade of grey and not white. It was quite pleasant at the beach. Quite a few degrees warmer than at Saint Chinian this morning (0*C).

Mer mediterranean

Driving back to Saint Chinian, we stopped at a sports shop called Decathalon. Decathalon is a bit like a Bunnings Warehouse for sports. It has every piece of sporting gear you could think of. I wanted to get a track suit for running, but after stumbling on to the bike section I forgot about the track suit and was struck in awe by the sheer variety and price of the cycling gear on offer. It was cycling nirvana! Paige and I loaded up on cycling clothes which were around 1/3 of Perth prices. Cycling jackets which would be at least $200 in Perth were only $70!!. We will be shipping back a few boxes of that stuff before we leave France. We got fitted out in cold weather gear, long johns, thermal socks and gloves, lined jackets and waterproof cycling shoes. I love this shop!. all we need now are some bikes.

Sand in Europe!