Sunday was our last day in Paris until July. We are coming back for 10 days for the Bastille Day fireworks and the end of the Tour de France along the Champs Elysee (along which we shall be riding our bikes, a few hours before the tour  hits town. We had a n easy day, we caught the metro out to Saint Germain des Pres and had a chocolat croissant and café crème from a croissanterie (I don’t think that’s a real French word). It was fairly quiet, most of the shops were shut, so we decided to head of to the Eiffel Tour area and check out the location of the apartment we have booked for July which is within the 5 oclock shadow of the tower.


The queues at the tower were fairly small, so we decided that it would be a good tie to go up to the top of the tower now rather than in July. We had been to the second level in the past, but not the top. We only had to wait about 30 minutes before we got to the op. It was an interesting wait as we listened to all the accents in the queue, picked out a few aussies, and checked out the Russian family in front of us who were all decked out in Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino and other bling (including the kids).

The views from the third level were impressive, but it was very chilly, we couldn’t spend too much time up there. It must have been close to OOC . We checked out our July apartment from the tower and concluded that we were going to have a very spectacular view of the Bastille Day fireworks in July.

The little yellow dot is the balcony of our apartment we have rented for July.

After leaving the tower we headed for Rue Cler, a market street nearby. We stopped and had a late lunch at a bistro and was served by  waiter who looked remarkably like  Vince Vaughan, well at least a shorter version of him. The food was typically tourist fare, but plentiful and tasty and a lot cheaper than Perth!

Rue Cler was all but closed by the time we finished lunch. We grabbed a baguette, vin, fromage, macaroon and galette and headed back to the apartment for  quite night. We had to be up at 5am the next day to catch the train down to Montpellier for the next stage of our adventure.