We arrived in Saint Chinian today. We will stay here for 3 months before moving back up north. We stopped off at Beziers and did a grocery shop before we got to the house. I know the dollar is at an all time high against the Euro, but we are sure paying through the nose for groceries in Australia (especially Perth).

Here’s a small sample. No we didn’t buy ALL of those things (well most of them).

We did buy a bottle of Mumm to celebrate our arrival. 24.80 Euro is about $32 AUD. Mumm is about $50 (on special in Oz).

Kronenbourg 1664 is about $50 AUD for 24x330ml bottles. Here it was 11.20 Euro, about $14.50 AUD for 24 x 250ml bottles.

Leffe sells for around $100 AUD for 24x330ml bottles in Oz. it was 9.85 Euro ($12.70) for 24 x 250ml bottles !!!!

Jack anyone? 750, 1L, 1.5L for $24 AUD, $36 AUD and $54 AUD respectively.

Ok, we did buy some food. 2.79E ($3.60 AUD) for 270g of leg ham. That’s about $13.3/kg. A lot cheaper than oz.

A good wedge of french brie at $2.80 AUD.

There are some things more expensive over here, but generally things are about half-price to full price compared to Australia. Had it been a few years ago when the dollar was hovering around 0.50 euro instead of the 0.80 today. Then it would have been a very different story. TIP, get over here now, before the dollar sinks to it slowest depths again.

At this rate we may actually save some money over here.