On Sunday we set off again to Sydney to try our luck with the visa de long sejour. This time we were armed with the full 12 months of booked accommodation. Paige went first. She was greeted by the same guy that served me last time. I think he recognised us, as he quickly sifted through the paperwork. Everything seemed to be going ok with the accommodation, although he did tell Paige that we needed copies of all the landlord’s IDs, but we could email those in when we got back to Perth. With all the boxes ticked, he then approved Paige’s visa. I was next. He just shuffled through my papers, told me about the need for the IDs and approved my visa as well.

They kept our passports so they could stick the visas in. Hopefully they will be returned very quickly as we have just over three weeks to go before we leave. Any delay and we may have to delay our flights again.

We contacted all our landlords, and they sent us copies of their ID within 24 hours. Hopefully the consulate will process our visas quickly now.